Bulletin 65-23 Member Update

Your Executive Board is requesting your participation to get involved and become a UFLAC Station Steward.

Historically, there has been a Stewards meeting preceding the monthly General Membership meetings. However, we recognize the challenges associated with attending the Stewards meetings and are revamping and updating the cadre of Station Stewards.

We are seeking members that are ready to get involved, to become educated, and to bring the messages to your Battalion, Station, and Shift. This is the core focus of being a Station Steward and we will bring the information to you directly instead of gathering false rumors from various unverified sources.

We will be developing “Teams within Teams” to quickly push the important information to the membership. We will also be utilizing various communication pathways which will include texts, emails, phone conferences, and video meeting platforms.

There will be Union educational opportunities that will include attending IAFF and other labor law conferences. There will also be opportunities to shadow and learn how to represent members under a PSD investigation and other Firefighter Bill of Rights support and training.

We understand now more than ever how much your time means to you, so we want to reinstitute an old rule. Members that participated in monthly meetings will be eligible for the compensation of reimbursed UFLAC dues. The compensation will equal approximately 24 hours of pay which is a start to repaying the time a Steward commits to the Union.

To begin, please contact one of the Steward’s Committee members below to have your questions answered and obtain the signatures of a majority of the assigned members to your station on the sheet linked here.

Ryan Quigley, Chair (213) 810-1266
Kent Koffler (213) 618-0231
Doug Coates (213) 716-1704

Published on December 7, 2023